About the Artist

NIAS was born out of a need to bring balance and self care to the artist Jade Solien’s life. She knew it was essential for her to have a creative outlet where she could express herself in a creative way. Although making jewellery has always been a lifelong dream, needing the balance between working and self expression was the push she needed to make this a reality.

Since then Jade has not turned back and has found inspiration for her unique designs from her family heritage and the beauty of northern NSW where She lives. As a child Jade experienced a rich Papua New Guinean culture, along with a mother who was also a jewellery designer. This fortified Jade’s memories and influenced her very own sense of expression in fashioning unique and cultured adornments.

Jade loves the use of bold patterns, colour and natural materials such as the paua shell and black coral.

Not only does Jade use techniques from her metal smithing course but due to a large amount of research she uses a variation of unique self taught techniques such as electro-etching, patina, enamelling and macrame. With the melding of these techniques she is able to produce one off original pieces.

With Jade’s cultural palette she is constantly changing and evolving NIAS style, leaving an abundance of worn art not yet revealed.